Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Steampunk Girl Lucy

Hi there!
I love to color so today I thought I would share
colorings I did of a favorite coloring page from

When you purchase digital images/coloring pages from her


Instant Download, high resolution 300 dpi, size A4.

1 PDF with 3 images: 
- Grayscale dark
- Grayscale light
- Sepia tone

I have used "Lucy" (steampunk girl) and colored all 3 versions
using the same pencil colors on all.
I wanted to see if there is a big difference in
the way the coloring would appear with the change in the base.
Grayscale images are favorites of mine.
I've always preferred dark grayscale to light and I have never
colored a sepia toned image before now.
Castle Arts Soft Touch, Pasteltint and Metallic Pencils were used.

The first photo are the finished images.
I took photos along the way just to see how they progressed.

So, there are some differences, mostly with the lighter colors used,
which makes sense.
And although I had never done a sepia tone coloring before,
I do like the way this one turned out and may have to do more.
Choosing which version to use will have to depend on the colors used
and the particular "look" you're going for.

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